Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 ryo's zoid the treachery liger

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PostSubject: ryo's zoid the treachery liger   Wed 31 Dec 2008, 9:26 pm

Zoid: AZ-002 : Treachery Liger

Darth: Abaddon

Type: Winged Lion Type

Base: Energy Liger Unit

Pilot: Lord Will White/now ryoichi

Function: Mass Annihilation Platform

Manufacture: Dark Laws Unit / Side of the Alliance

Rollout: ZAC 2006

Weight: 300.0 tons

Length: 28.0 m

Height: 14.3 m

Core: CECS-002Z Type

Speed (km/h): 360 km/h (normal), 660km/h (maximum burn)

Weapons Onboard:

Facial Anti-Zoid X Slasher Blades (Face Mounted) x2
Four-Blade Reinforced Gungnir Busterhorn (Head Mounted) x1
- Consist of 4 Hardened Ravedonite Laser Blades and 1 Gungnir Horn
Improved Ravedonite Head Slasher Blade (Head Mounted) x1
Hyper Strike Laser Claws (Front paws Mounted) x2
Twin Hardened Ravedonite Laser Blades (Wing Mounted) x1 pair
Rear Hardened Ravedonite Laser Blades Array <3 Blades each> (Rear Mounted) x2
Hardened Ravedonite Laser Tail Blades (Tail Mounted) x2
Hardened Alloy Claws and Fangs

Double Pulsar Particle Cannon (Right Leg Mounted) x1
Charged "Mjolnir" Hybrid Gattling Cannon (Left Leg Mounted) x1
40mm AZ Laser Cannon (2 Wing Mounted / 1 Shoulder Mounted per Side) x6
60mm AZ Tail Cannon (Tail Mounted) x1
pulsar EMP gattling Cannon(2 per leg)x8

Equipments Onboard:

Hyper E Shield Generator (Horn Mounted)
Core Energy Charger System (Integrated Structure)
Flexi-Wings Modification (Allows True Flight) x2
Frontal Anti-Lift Chambers (Front Leg Mounted) x2
Rear Anti-Lift Wing Array (Rear Mounted) x1
Stabilizing Thruster (Rear Leg Mounted) x2

Specialty Attacks:
Hyper Swift Slasher
-The entire Zoid and all of its laser blades are enveloped by pure energy from the Charger System. Attack performed by dashing and slicing through enemies while in this energized state.
Treacherous Dementia
-Release of destructive electric energy from the Charger System to surrounding enemies via the 6 rear-blades array. Blades to locked into fan-like position to execute attack.

Together with the Abyssal Spiner, the Treachery Liger forms the twin pillars that support the foundation of the Alliance force. Much like its undead Spiner brethren, unlimited power is bestowed unto the great fiend through the improved Core Energy Charger Unit System. This treacherous winged-lion is much feared for its extreme speed and the laser-sharpened blades it wields. Piloted with the expertise of Lord Will White (an exile Republican paladin whose virtuous past was long forgotten), the mere appearance of the Treachery Liger makes cowards out of the most experienced warriors. Channeling pure energy to all the blades that adores its body, the Zoid will achieve extreme speed and turn into a devastating javelin that strikes deep into the heart of enemy ranks. None can hope to escape the reach of this beast's bloodstained rampage. Being the very form of malfeasance and possessing a feral war-like spirit, the Treachery Liger looks to wipe out all that doubt the authority of the Alliance once and for all....

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ryo's zoid the treachery liger
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