Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Aeon's BattleChip Deck

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PostSubject: Aeon's BattleChip Deck   Sat 04 Oct 2008, 6:14 pm

CyberSword - A standard Sword:Element Sword
WideSword - A Sword with a Wider Blade:Element Sword
LongSword - A Sword with a longer Blade:Element Sword
ElectroSword - An Electric Sword:Element Elec
Mega Cannon- The Strongest Cannon around. Fires shots of gold:Element Null
Shotgun -A standard blaster with a knockback effect:Element Null
Spreader -A blaster that shoots spread shots:Element Null
Energy Bomb- A smaller bomb with much energy inside it. When it explodes the energy still linger for a bit:Element Null
Full Barrier- A small but stronger Barrier:Element Null
Recovery 40 - Recover 40% :Element Recovery
Clear Data - changes the field back to normal:Element Null
LongBlade -A blade stronger than LongSword. Quicker and moves more smoothly as well:Element Sword
Hero Sword -The strongest blade around. Used by a hero. Contains the power of Wideness Length and Speed.:Element Sword
Variable Sword -A magical blade that can fire sword beams.:Element Sword
Rail Cannon-A small rapid fire cannon:Element Null
Artillery Cannon-A small rapid fire cannon. Lasts longer:Element Null
Flank Cannon- A small rapid fire cannon Lasts longer and is stronger:Element Null
Thunder Boost- An increased boost on elec chips:Element Elec
Shock Shot v.3 -A more powerful Shock Shot 2:Element Elec
SonicWave-Shoots a shockwave forward at high speed:Elemet Null
GutsPunch-Gain the punching power of Gutsman. A powerful fist enevelopes your Navi's arm:Element Null
IcePunch-A punch of icy-cold power. A cold fist envelopes your Navi's arm:Element Aqua
Dash-A quick punch that "slices" past the enemy:Element Null
Thunder Ball V.2-A stronger thunder ball:Element Elec
AreaRevenge-Will increse speed if AreaSteal is used againt you.:Element Null
Breaker2-A large fast disc is launched:Element Breaker
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Aeon's BattleChip Deck
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